Reach Out and Read serves more than 106,150 children annually at 122 Programs in Los Angeles County.



Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Books

Doctor-recommended children’s books about nutritious foods and eating right from Reach Out and Read’s pediatricians.

Celebrate Books

In 2009, independent bookstores nationwide helped Reach Out and Read celebrate its 20th Anniversary. ROR pediatricians listed some of their favorite books to mark the special occasions of growing up.

Economic Hardship Books

These are children's books recommended by Reach Out and Read specifically for families coping with the tough economic times.

Summer Books

Here's a list of fun summer books recommended by ROR’s pediatricians.

Winter and Holiday Books

Books are an excellent holiday gift for children.

Research Summaries



Pediatric healthcare providers in Los Angeles ROR Programs have gone beyond traditional medical care and provided parents and caregivers with information on how to read to children at each stage - from babies, to toddlers, to pre-schoolers. Evidence shows that a child's doctor or nurse can dramatically affect parents' reading practices at home simply by giving a book and read aloud guidance.


Let Your Child Turn the Pages
Babies need board books and help to turn pages, but your three year-old can do it alone.